Haihe Food and Yellow Sea Fisheries Research Institute jointly establish the "Marine Food Processing and Quality Safety Control Research and Development Center"

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On April 24th,Haihe Food and the Yellow Sea Fisheries Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Fishery Sciences jointly established the"Research and Development Center for Marine Food Processing and Quality Safety Control".

The establishment of the"R&D Center"will promote in-depth cooperation between the two parties in key technology research,product development,quality and safety,etc.,based on the principle of complementary advantages,resource and results sharing,in order to promote the research and development of marine food processing and comprehensive utilization,product standardization and quality and safety control,as well as the transformation of research results,and promote the upgrading of marine food processing industry.

At the same time,it means that the sea and food have put forward higher requirements for the quality management and safety management of food production and processing.