Haihe Group supports the "Care Cabin" project in Yantai City, providing assistance for the growth of disadvantaged children

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Since the launch of the"Hope Hut"children's care project in Yantai City,our company has actively responded,donated and claimed,contributing our efforts to support the"Hope Hut"project.

The chairman of the company,Wang Dajun,said that a"Hope Cabin"is a castle of love and a hope for children's growth.The implementation of the"Hope Hut"children's care project is a powerful measure to win the comprehensive well-off society and fight against poverty.As the person in charge of Haihe Food and a representative of the Yantai Municipal People's Congress,I will play an exemplary and leading role in actively participating in this public welfare action.At the same time,I will mobilize friends and colleagues around me to lend a helping hand and pass on love,contributing my own strength to safeguarding the growth of disadvantaged children.

In the process of achieving success,prosperity,and good social benefits,Haihe Enterprise never forgets to give back to society.Every year,it organizes charity donation activities,donates to children in SOS International Children's Village,and comforts reserve officers and soldiers stationed in tobacco.In the past three years,it has donated more than 500000 yuan to society.